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signedPOSH symbolizes everything I try to portray myself as, and what I believe everyone should see themselves as too -- our highest selves -- which explains the “posh” in my brand name. When we wake up, we're raw, bare -- we should know & believe that even before we get dressed, do our hair, and put on makeup, that we are our most beautiful selves. Immediately after, when we do add our outfit of the day, and enhance our natural beauty in whatever way we see fit, we should still see the beauty we saw when we were bare.

The “signed” is straightforward; its the metaphorical signature line that leads before we introduce who we are. Recently, I've added to my branding “for whatever version of yourself you feel like dressing as today…” because I know that everyday I wake up, I'm not the same version of me. Sometimes I'm the girly girl who needs no excuse to put on a pair of heels, another day I'm just existing, so I throw on sweats, a baggy tee, and sneakers, and other days I'm somewhere on a spectrum between those two. Therefore, I want my brand to cater to every version of myself and others. Though each collection or piece may not appeal to everyone, it will be for someone. As signedPOSH progressively grows, I have hopes to cater to all sizes, shapes, & gender identities, so that no matter who you are or what you look like, you look to signedPOSH when it's time to find the perfect outfit to fit whatever version of yourself you're dressing as in that moment.

Makya Swangan

SheEO since 2016.